How are Fantasy Novels Written? What Authors Imagine?

There is a firm foundation behind the secret of writing an epic fantasy based light novels. You would soon like to write on any genre if your novel is interesting. In order to write a fantasy novel, your characters, your world as well as your adventure and interest should blend together. You have to create the place and time before writing ‘in a land far, far away’ or ‘once upon a time in’. In a fantasy world, an author has to know their place in as much detail as possible.


The author also has to pay proper attention to detail in the fantasy world that is believable. There are some free light novels that you may want to read online. Keep in mind if sun never rises in your fantasy world, vegetation shouldn’t be vibrant unless you have something else that can explain the environment. If there is a barren land, there are fewer chances to get a water source unless this source is stagnant, polluted and infertile. There are some light novel translations you can find to enhance the story line. Even in creating the environment and after setting the environment, characters should also have their own form.  These novels can definitely entertain you with their own story line.

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