Smoothie For The Morning Time

In our routine life, we hardly get enough time for the healthy breakfast. The problem also increases when you are engaged in a profession where you have to maintain your look along with your health like makeup artist, yoga trainer, fitness trainer, bodybuilding etc. In order to deal with such situations, you should add a smoothie blending machine to your kitchen and start drinking smoothies. The best part is that you can add fruits which can increase your immunity in many folds like oranges. There are several other fruits which can protect you from fatal diseases like cancer etc. Taste is also the most important factor that you need to maintain. Without a perfect taste, it is very hard to continue this for a long period of time.

Take the help of recipe

A perfect taste of smoothie can be obtained by a perfect recipe. The recipe can let you know about the combination of various ingredients perfectly and the right amount. Here we are going to explain you details about a smoothie which you can easily add to your breakfast to have more advantages. A good breakfast is a key to a healthy life so you must add a smoothie to it. Prepare this at home with a good smoothie maker.

Smoothie with honeydew

-    Two cups of honeydew melon cut up

-    One tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

-    One tablespoon of honey

-    Three ice cubes

-    Half cup of frozen kiwi, chopped

Procedure to prepare

The procedure for preparing a smoothie with this is very simple. Put the two cups of honeydew in the smoothie maker along with the fresh lemon juice in the smoothie maker. Blend them perfectly on the high speed to get the smooth mixture. After this, you can put rest of the ingredients and blend until everything is gets mixed properly. This will give you perfect taste and texture of your drink. By having this in your breakfast you can stay filled until lunch.

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