Mold Test for Your Home

Mold can be a terrible thing for anyone that is affected by it. Even those without mold sensitivity can be affected themselves. If you’re feeling tired very often, even when not having done any activity during the day, there could be a bigger problem than you think.

There are other signs of mold exposure, too. Fatigue is just one thing, but if you find yourself in a state of a constant headache, allergy problems, and more all year long, you may need to get a mold test for your home. Millions of people are affected by mold every year, so it’s not uncommon to find it in a home.

Sarah tells her story at DC 911 and it may help you with your experience, if you have one. She and her family had to go through mold tests, mold inspections, and mold remediation to get rid of it from her home. Afterward, she took part in a detox diet where she drank a few different vegetable and fruit juices, along with a few different herbs mixed in.

She also took occasional baths with many detoxing materials like sea salt, baking soda, and more. If you want to find out how she did it, just take a look at her story. It’s nothing to freak out about, so keep calm and get rid of it!

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