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An Insight into 6 Useful Tips

to Select the Right Banquet Hall

Selecting a banquet hall can become a difficult task when there are several halls to choose from. Which one will be better than others? This is the most likely question that will come up in your mind. To answer this question we will look at some of the aspects so that you can judge whether banquet halls Windsor fulfill those aspects or not and be able to select the right banquet hall.

Selection of Most Suitable Banquet Hall

Minimum Number of Guests

It will be important for you to know that some banquet halls Windsor will make it mandatory to pay for minimum guest figure even if you are planning to invite fewer guests than this minimum figure.

It will certainly be a loss for you to follow this criteria and as such, better thing to do in this situation will be to find some other banquet hall.

Different Rates During Off Season

banquet halls WindsorYou need to inquire whether banquet hall offers lower rates during off season. If it does then you will be able to make considerable savings. However, on your part it will be necessary for you to remain flexible and schedule your event on any available date during off peak season. 

Special Incentives

You should favor banquet halls Windsor which are ready to offer special incentives to you for hosting your event at their hall. Some examples of such incentives include special lighting, printed menus or low cost or no cost use of slide show facility.

Canceling the Contract

You should have clear information about what happens in case you want to cancel your contract. Thus, by reading cancellation policy of banquet halls Windsor you will be able to know about fine they charge for such cancellation and select a venue which will not charge any type of fine or fees for cancellation of contract.

Coat Check Facility

This would be an important consideration, especially in winter season. As such, you will have to know whether banquet hall you want to select provides such coat check facility. If not, then next question you need to ask should be about possibility of selecting a specific location at the venue for this task. It will also be important to ensure that such location is well staffed so that guests can be serviced properly.

Pricing for Alcohol

Another aspect you will have to look into will be pricing for alcohol to be served at the venue. As such, you need to inquire whether pricing will be based on total guests taking part in the event or as per actual alcohol consumption taking place. Some of the other details you will have to look into will include:

  • Possibility of bringing in alcohol from outside as it will certainly be cheaper option even after corkage fees is paid.
  • You will also have to know whether banquet hall will be providing bartenders.
  • Last but not the least, you should have clear information about possibility of having an open bar or will it be a prerequisite to make use of cash bar.


To conclude it can be said that it will become easier to make right decision when you are equipped with required information. By taking into consideration above mentioned details you will be able to make right selection and choose best available banquet hall.

How to Enhance Decoration 

of Tables at Wedding Reception Venues?

After reaching venue the first thing that will catch attention of your guests will be the decoration at the reception venue. As such you need to pay special attention to decoration planned for the venue. Planing venue decoration will remain incomplete if you do not take into consideration decoration for the tables since tables are going to take up a large portion of the venue space. 

Our aim here will be to look into some of the table decoration tips which  you can make use of at your wedding reception venue.

Wedding Reception Venues and Table Decoration Tips

Create Balance - Utilize Different Shapes

wedding reception venuesType of decoration you select for the tables will depend upon many different considerations such as whether there are tall windows, large floor space or high ceilings. Some of the things you will have to pay attention to will consist of:

Creation of Balance

It is possible that wedding reception venues have different features and as such it will be important to take into consideration those features for selection as well as decoration of tables in the right manner. As for instance, if a particular venue has over-sized windows then in such situation it will become necessary to create a balance between such windows and other elements of venue decoration (such as tables). In such situation you need to select longer tables so that a feel of depth can be provided to all the rooms.

Use of Different Shapes

In case you are planning to use tables of any specific shape such as square table then you can make things interesting by using square plates instead of the usual round plates.

Decoration for Different Types of Tables

Rectangular Tables - Square Tables

Rectangular Tables

If rectangular tables are to be used then there will be a lot of space on the tables. However, you need to avoid filling all the space and ideally aim to utilize such space in the right manner.

Some of the things you can do will include:

  • Make use of on-place features such as menu and place cards.
  • Select some strategically important spots on the tables and utilize accent hues for such spots.
  • Utilize tall candle sticks for lining up central position of these tables.

Square Tables

In case it has been decided to use square tables then such tables can be arranged at different angles for creating a unique feel at the venue. Some of the other decoration ideas you can try would include:

  • Use of Symmetry: You will be able to improve appeal of square tables by adding symmetry to them. One of the things you can do to accomplish this goal will be placing chairs on all the four sides of such square tables.
  • Use of Circles: Round accents can easily change appearance of square tables. Some examples of such round accents would include circular lighting on top of the tables and addition of votives on all the tables. 

In Conclusion

To conclude it can be said that proper planning and intuitive use of things can make table arrangement as well as table decoration interesting at wedding reception venues.