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Together with the problem of global warming carrying on global value in the last several decades, unsurprisingly the attention has dropped automobile drivers, with automobiles seen among the significant contributors towards global warming. Green automobiles are held up as a possible solution, one which drivers must be embracing.

However, are cars 'green'?

Firstly, let us take pure electric automobiles. Regrettably these electric cars are anything but great for the environment. The power they operate on is generated in power stations, in which just 30-40% of their energy is converted to power. Transferring this power along electrical cables then ends in a additional 30 percent being dropped to heating energy. By the time this power reaches an electric automobile a large sum of the power has been lost. Great for cutting inner city pollution however effective it surely is not.

Recently hybrid automobiles are favored, automobiles which contain both a motor and a gas engine. The battery to your engine is powered by the electricity generated from braking. If it comes to being 'green' these automobiles in concept offer a lot more environmental advantages.

This is the situation. Consumer magazine Which? Analyzed four hybrid cars by forcing them during London. The results were unsatisfactory, as stated by George Marshall-Thornhill, senior writer Which? , "A few of them should have performed better." And this is without mentioning the way to eliminate electric batteries that are bothersome. Find out more about how to test alternator without multimeter by checking out www.electriciansmultimeter.site.

Then there is the price of hybrid automobiles. The Toyota Prius is the most popular hybrid and could be gotten for approximately 17,000. But with gas market claims in doubt and 55 percent of people thinking that green cars are too pricey, there's still some way to go before green automobiles arrive on a huge scale.

The truth is that green automobiles use more power to make, are more difficult to eliminate, their fuel economy claims are doubted, and they're just too costly. The age of this green car hasn't arrived yet.