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Paid surveys are often talked about and promoted online as an easy way to make money online. This is true to a certain extent. Some companies do provide an easy way to make extra money online by taking paid surveys, while others are a complete waste of time. Here are the three ways paid surveys can end up being a waste of your precious time.

You Don't Qualify

Anyone who has any experience taking paid surveys before probably has run into this scenario: You are taking a paid survey, things are looking great, when all of a sudden it ends by saying something along the line of, "Sorry, you don't qualify for this survey." You wasted 10 minutes answering questions, just to later find out that you can't take the survey. What a waste of time!

You Get Paid Pennies For An Hour-long Survey

This is another common complaint. Often, you'll start a survey either without any idea how long it will take, or a severe under-estimation of the time requirement. An hour-and-a-half later you finish, realizing you spent all that time to earn a measly 70 cents. Your time is definitely worth more than that, especially when you can earn more doing nothing while running paid-to-watch apps such as swagbucks on your smartphone. There are much easier ways to make money than doing paid surveys.

You Can't Get To A Survey In Time

Other websites will have paid survey opportunities few and far between. Sometimes you'll get a notification in your email or on your phone that there's a paid survey available and that it is only available to a certain number of people. You'll have to race everyone else to the website and log-in, and then click on the survey before it disappears. Many people don't make it in time, so when they finally have a chance to log-in, the survey will be long gone. This is frustrating, and wastes your time.

There Is Hope

All is not lost, there are some good paid survey websites out there that are worth the time, but they are rare. Paid Viewpoints is one that will pay you for every question you answer, even the ones you answer while signing up. Their surveys are also short, lasting no longer than 5 minutes. You can read more about it here.