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Kawasan Canyoneering refers to the activity that involves trekking, scrambling, swimming and jumping from Kanlaob River to Kawasan Falls. We are glad to say that the rate for this said activity starts from 1500 per person regardless if you are Filipino or a foreign tourist. The payment is inclusive of a life vest, safety helmet, government fee, aqua shoes, habal-habal ride to jumpoff stations, light snack, lunch and tour guides.

Note that it is important to wear proper clothes and footwear because you will shiver because of the coldness of the water. The leggings could help you lessen the chance to have muscle cramps. And shoes or any footwear with good grip is highly recommended.

Here are the reasons why Kawasan Canyoneering rocks and is worth your time.

Regularly Maintained

Locals conduct a monthly cleanup drive as they retraced the route to pick trashes that they will see along the way. There are countless stupid guests that write vandals and throw trashes which is the main reason for the regular maintenance of the area. If guests are only responsible enough to not do this stupid stuff.

Guides are knowledgeable

The ratio of the activity is 1 guide is to four guests. They will teach you about the right position of the body when jumping from 20 feet to 40 feet high waterfalls. Hold the straps of your life vest tightly and do not bend your legs when you are going to hit the water. Do not also flap your arms or else you will have painful bruises from the impact.

Adrenaline-filled and Tasty Adventure

Expect that you will get exhausted since it is a long journey that takes for about 4 to 5 hours. If your group consists of below 7 members, then you will finish early and ready your big appetite because you have a sumptuous meal.

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